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DC Legends Tips and Tricks – Win Your Fights

DC Legends Tips

We want to present you DC Legends Tips and Tricks. You won’t find this info anywhere in the internet. We have created the best guide for this game and we want to share it with you right now. This few simple tips and tricks will improve your game significantly. Okay, so, let’s go!





DC Legends Tips and Tricks

1. Always build your team according to that of your opponent

What’s fun with DC Legends is that you can easily unlock your heroes for a quick battle. It is also possible before each mission or PvP duel to know your opponent. Thus, you can make adjustments within your team depending on the choice of your opponent. The game is built on the basis of the classic stone-paper-scissors: one element is effective against another and not against the third. So, to win at the game, you just have to select your best team and have the advantage in a battle.


2. Always upgrade your superheroes

In the game you can run out of XP potions by wanting to unlock all your super heroes. On the other hand, your super heroes are not very useful when they have not been updated. That said, focusing on improving one of your best superheroes will allow you to make more money while increasing your XP potions. Whether Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman or others, you can choose your super hero and improve it level by level.


3. Upgrade the powers and gadgets of your characters

You can also upgrade the skills of your super heroes and their gadgets to improve your stats and rank. There too, by updating the super powers of your characters, proceed intelligently from one hero to another. Sometimes, it is better to wait to collect all the items needed to upgrade a super power of a specific hero rather than rushing to use articles about a useless hero. It’s the same for gadgets.

In any case, specific missions are available directly in the game to allow you to complete missions necessary for various improvements. Play through a campaign for as long as possible before taking a break for 10 or 20 battles after which you will have items needed for upgrades. Thus, you will have more competitivities and bonuses especially if you have chained with the PvP mode.


4. How to win a battle?

It’s all about strategy. First and foremost, find the perfect time to use the lethal weapon of your superhero. Generally, the sooner used, the better it will be, because the effects will be maintained. On the other hand, as with healing powers, one must wait before using them.

It is also important to target your enemies one by one in order to defeat a specific character and eliminate him from his team. An eliminated opponent means one less shot for your team, so make sure you always aim for the weakest member of your team first or the one who can do the most damage in yours before tackling the others.

Also avoid playing in Auto unless you are 100% sure that you have more powers than your opponent and that none of your heroes will be eliminated. Note that the automatic mode AI plays a very bad game against you!

In the end, beware of the bluffs of your opponents, their number of possible shots and the number of enemies on which you have the advantage. In a campaign battle, it’s best to leave the boss last because they usually have a lot of life and so, hard to destroy.


5. How to unlock more heroes?

You have different options: playing in campaign mode or heroism playing in difficult missions (often seen as the way to have shards to upgrade your favorite heroes).

Playing PvP in an arena and winning as much as possible allows the player to win the Essence of Battle to purchase Big Arena Packs.

And, if you want to have new Heroes, you can also collect daily bonuses (by logging into the game every day) or buy packs in the Store. Just like doing specific missions, participating in events can also be rewarding.


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