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Operate Now: Hospital Tips and Tricks

Reputation acts as your experience points in this game. The more reputation that you build for your hospital, the more rooms you’ll be able to add, the more you can upgrade your rooms, and the more patients will come to your hospital. To build your reputation, simply upgrade your hospital and perform fast and accurate surgeries. A specific subset of quests will allow you to unlock story episodes. The episodes are something that you can watch, rather than play, if you need a break while your staff is recovering their energy. They read like graphic novels and/or comic books. It’s best to have WiFi on so that you don’t blow out your cellular data while you’re watching these episodes. Sometimes you’ll see an ad button pop up next to your hospital. Tap it and you can watch an ad to win anything from cash to training cards to consumables. You’ll need some sort of internet connection in order to play the ad, so the strongest possible connection is recommended. These pop up to the left side of your hospital, and they don’t pop up all that often.


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