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Need for Speed No Limits Tips and Tricks

For the construction of new vehicles you need blueprints, the rarer a vehicle is, the more blueprints are needed for it. You also need the blueprints to upgrade the vehicle. You get the blueprints when you complete missions successfully and you can also find them on the loading ramp in the boxes.

Tuning is capitalized in this game, whoever enjoys it can live its magic on Need for Speed ​​No Limits, others may be a bit annoyed at times. The tuning materials, such as tires, brakes, gears, etc. Also, the material you get as a reward for missions, but this is often the luck to get the right part. To tell you where to find a particular piece, just tap on the material and see what missions you can find.

That’s how you get your money

Owning enough Need-for-Speed ​​currency is very important because you need it to open boxes and build or rebuild parts. You have these possibilities to increase your play money.

  • Some levels have nitro zones. If you repeat these levels several times, you can collect some money, as long as you also hit the Nitro zones. But you can earn more than 1000 game dollars per race. However, you are using up your fuel, so it is best to use this procedure if you only need one more race to level up.
  • As described above, there is the drift mode for curves. If you use it, you will not only get through the curve faster, but will also get your money well written. So: as often as possible, activate drifting.
  • Even driving in the lee of strong opponents will be rewarded in monetary terms. Therefore: Do not always overtake immediately, but quietly try to enrich the slipstream in addition.


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