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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips

We want to present you Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips and Tricks. You won’t find this info anywhere in the internet. We have created the best guide for this game and we want to share it with you right now. This few simple tips and tricks will improve your game significantly. Okay, so, let’s go!





Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips and Tricks


Being the main component of the game to move forward in history, energy is a rare commodity that must be used wisely. Nevertheless, this resource will continue to run out too quickly, and with 4 minutes of waiting to reload a single point, the time will seem long. There are some tips to recover energy points, and optimize it.

To avoid losing any energy, there is a simple trick: use the resource fully before taking a level. When you take a level, your energy bar becomes full again. It may happen in the middle of a quest, so be careful to use all your energy before that happens!


The game is full of micro-transactions, but not all of them ask for real money. Walking with a system of energy, gold coins and gems, it is possible to buy coins or gems with real money.

However, energy can only be bought by gems. It is therefore possible to use 20 gems to recover 10 energy points, or 55 gems for 30 points, or 100 gems for 60 points. However, these gems are easily obtainable through the main story and your courses. Winning the cup of 4 houses grants 100 additional gems at the end of a year!

However, this technique is not recommended. Most cosmetic items can only be bought by gems, so it may be more interesting to keep them.


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