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Fortnite Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Fortnite Tips

We want to present you Fortnite Tips and Tricks. You won’t find this info anywhere in the internet. We have created the best guide for this game and we want to share it with you right now. This few simple tips and tricks will improve your game significantly. Okay, so, let’s go!





Fortnite Tips and Tricks

To survive

Years of competitive shooting might mislead you, but Fortnite is a survival game, not a game of kills. Do not jump at all the enemies you see, do not shoot them if you’re not sure to kill them, especially when they have not noticed you yet. Camping is a viable strategy, as is escape. All the excuses and the means are good to survive and you should not be ashamed to use them.

Tell yourself that you can do 98 kill. If the last player kills you, he wins. Knowing this, do not get into a fight unless you have the advantage, or if you have no choice.


Raise the sound

Your hearing is just as important as your sight in Fortnite Battle Royale. You will hear your enemies very often before you see them. Whether they run, jump, shoot, open doors, equip themselves with weapons or recharge them, everything you and your enemies do produces sound. Spatialization of the sound will even allow you to know the exact position of some opponents. It is therefore important to limit the noise you make, while remaining very attentive to the noise of others.


Who has never been alone

The less opponents you encounter, the more likely you are to win. Imagine that every duel you do is tossing a coin, you will have to stack as many stack as you do not meet opponents to win. And since it’s easier to win 1 coin or more than 99 consecutive coin-ups, stay away from other players.

This is especially true at the beginning of the game. Avoid jumping from the Battle Bus at the same time as all others, or make sure to go in an original direction. Most players head to large cities or named places on your map.


Escape the city

It is almost a corollary to the previous point, but flee the cities. You do not have to go to big cities or massive places to get equipment. These places have more resources than necessary for a single player and are full of opponents. Just settle for a small hamlet or a residence away from others. You’ll find an assault rifle, some chests and maybe even some armor.


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