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Diggy’s Adventure Tips and Tricks

At the start of the game you have an energy supply of 200 units. Every minute, the energy is refilled by one point. You have about every 3 hours full energy available. With furnishings that you place in the camp you can increase the energy replenishment rate. Other items increase the maximum energy that can be stored.

Digging uses different amounts of energy depending on the material.

The playing field can be moved with the mouse by clicking with the mouse pointer and pushing the mouse upwards or downwards with pressed mouse button.

If several paths lead to the goal you should look at the fields closely and calculate which way to use the least energy.

Often paths through traps and chasms are not passable. Therefore, you should take a look at the way you would like to dig in order not to end in a dead end.

Large stones can not be removed with the shovel but must be rolled away. That costs no energy. But you have to think about where you want to roll the stone so he does not get in the way later.

As soon as you have cleared all the fields in a tunnel, you get an extra bonus.

The own base camp can be enlarged with coins or gemstones and later also building materials. The enlargement you should perform but only if you need the space too.

Chests and vessels often contain valuable items. Therefore, it does not hurt to open all chests and clay pots.

The items that bounce when digging on the screen do not need to be lifted, they move automatically after a few seconds in the inventory.

From level 8 you can use the caravan. For this you need at least a camel. You can own up to 5 camels at the same time. Each additional camel is a lot more expensive than the previous one. The camels can then be sent out to get goods or to earn coins. Depending on the order, the camel needs a certain amount of time to complete the order.


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