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Avakin Life Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Avakin Life Tips

We want to present you Avakin Life Tips and Tricks. You won’t find this info anywhere in the internet. We have created the best guide for this game and we want to share it with you right now. This few simple tips and tricks will improve your game significantly. Okay, so, let’s go!





Avakin Life Tips and Tricks

Buying ‘Avacoin’ Stuff – 100xp (Do this 20 times and you can gain a level up which also means you will be spending alot of avacoins however you can start off with the cheaper items if you haven’t bought them yet)

Buying ‘Gem’ Stuff – 20xp (When you buy an item costing gems ten you will recieve 20xp)

Caring for your petkin – 50xp (Their is a cap for gaining xp for this which I think is you can only care for 2 petkins also this will make you 100xp in a day however if you do this everyday you can make 700xp)

Collecting Gems – 20xp (Once you collect all 10 gems from each of your apartments you will get 20xp and depending on how many you own you can earn 20xp each time on a daily basis however this has a cap to so you can only collect from 6 apartments which will give you 120xp in a day and 840xp in a week)

Rating apartments – 15xp (This also has a cap and you can only rate 4 apartments please correct me if I am wrong however this will make you 60xp in a day and if you do this for a week you will recieve 420xp)

Gifting – 75xp for gifting avacoin items and 5xp for gifting gem items (The cap for this xp route is 50 for each currency item type which means if you gift 50 times thats the max for the day which means if you are quite wealthy and you gift 50 Avacoin gifts in a dayyou will get 1000xp and if you gift 50 gem items that is 250xp )

Visiting the app daily – 150xp (When you visit the app on a daily basis this will give you 150 xp so if you do this for a week you will get 1,050


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