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Angry Birds 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginner

Angry Birds 2 Tips and tricks

We want to present you Angry Birds 2 Tips and Tricks. You won’t find this info anywhere in the internet. We have created the best guide for this game and we want to share it with you right now. This few simple tips and tricks will improve your game significantly. Okay, so, let’s go!





Angry Birds 2 Tips and Tricks

The levels do not always stay the same. This leads dissolution videos reasonably ad absurdum. The pigs unfortunately build up their witty defenses again and again, almost every time the level was not reached. But there is a daring and entertaining video walkthrough at up to level 170.

The bird selection is crucial – one of the good new features is the ability to select the birds from a deck of cards. Knowing the special talents of puffy poultry gives a real strategic advantage.

Also new are the spells whose use in almost all cases achieve full effectiveness – the first two times you get them for free, then their use costs money. If you are completely stuck, the diamonds are actually always well invested at this point.

The daily competition in the arena is a very entertaining innovation. The activation takes place in level 25. In the arena you play in an endless level, as long as the angry birds are enough ..

A game a day is free, then you can pay, or: watch a video – exactly. The challenges of the arena are exciting and, like the whole game, graphically remarkably beautiful. The more effective you know how to use your birds, the longer you hold and secure the ascent in the respective leagues.


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